The Problem With... "We Are The World 25"

Along with inauguration of the Great North American Winter Gloat Fest 2010--32 medals last count--came the video for charity single "We are the World  25" for Haiti. Aw, charity. WHo doesn't love it?

Except, why does it seems so cheesy and self-aggrandizing?

First of all, because its a remake: This is to music what Superman Returns was to film--both were bad remakes of iconic media from the '80s. But there's more.

"We Are The World" offers a risk-free opportunity for celebrities to converge and bid support for a cause on everyone's mind. It feels more self-serving for them than anything.

Which is only made worse by the fact that the only few of these young faces that I really recognize as previously charitable celebrities are Wyclef Jean, Pink and Mary J. Blige. And Pink kinda lost me with that dripping trapeze act at the Grammy's.

Yeah, it sucks that a bunch of young artists I've never heard of sung pieces of the song.

But the worst part? Akon, T-Pain and Lil Wayne, included their usual Auto-tune act. They could have dropped their cyborg voices and sung with their original voice just this once to show they were taking the cause of Haiti relief seriously, but noooo.

Anyway, I'm sure the Haitians really appreciate Cylons giving their all.

Great song, everyone!

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Shahryar Rizvi
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