The Problem With... Young Money's "Bedrock"

You know the saying: "Too many chefs spoil the broth."

Well, this week's The Problem With... is an example of a broth with a host of problems: It's too salty (or as all the cool foodies say these days, too umami) and doesn't have enough herb. And, dammit, I expect more herb out of Lil Wayne.

The real problem here? You guessed it: It's the writing. The verses included a cliché employing Summer's Eve douche, a total cop out line by Nicky Minaj ("OK, I get it. Let me think. I guess it's my turn") and one line cracking on Stevie Wonder's blindness.

Oh no, you didn't!

The most clever line here is no doubt the titular line ("Call me Mr. Flintstone/ I can make ya Bedrock"). And that line loses its charm by the third time you hear it in the song.

What would have worked better here would be if the pun was used moderately and with other clever cartoon-themed pick up lines. Here are a few lines I made up in the form of the chorus of this song:

"Ooh, baby, you got me all like Scooby-Doo.
Baby, you're like Smurfette all hot and blue.
Baby, my room is where we re-spawn.
I'm from Orbit City.
I can turn your Jets-on."

This being a group track, Young Money seems to employ what I like to call the Pokemon marketing strategy, where viewers are asked to name and sponsor everyone who shows up in the video.

To sum it up: "Gotta Catch 'Em All".

Who would you guess is the Pikachu of the group, folks? Is it Lil, Wayne?

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