The Unbearables, iKiLLCaRs, See the Lights Bright and Fantastic

Bringing a toy for a tot will get you half off the already affordable $4 door admission at Callithump's New Music Tuesday. At two bucks, you've got no excuse, and what's one more toy when you've already gotta sell plasma to pay for all your Christmas shopping?

The toys won't be too out of place, as all three acts seem to approach music with child-like energy. The Unbearables from Austin create goofy, fun orchestral power pop with loud guitars and a tight rhythm section; they're responsible for the bizarre and unforgettably melodic "Zombies Unite" on the Lollipop Shoppe compilation. The Lights Bright and Fantastic's MySpace page describes the music as "experimental folk." The "experimental" tag must refer to the random sound snippets and odd looped percussion peppering the acoustic guitar strums and droning vocals. iKiLLCaRs (instead, couldn't you kill the rANdOm CapITALiZaTIon?) adds cool electric piano to snarling punk guitars so noisy they almost choke out the catchy melodies. It'll be a fun night to act the age of the kids you're helping.

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Jesse Hughey
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