Ariana Grande’s Greatest Vocal Moments, to Get You Through Till Her Concert

Is she gonna drop that mic? She should after these vocal moments.
Is she gonna drop that mic? She should after these vocal moments. Mike Brooks
Ariana Grande can't seem to stay away from Dallas. The singer wowed Dallas audiences when she made a stop on her Sweetener World Tour this past May, and she's bringing her powerhouse vocals back once more this December to American Airlines Center.

Fans are waiting with anticipation for the megastar to perform songs off her most recent records, “Sweetener” and “Thank U, Next,” which she released within months of each other and they made their mark on the charts everywhere. Her pop anthems have amassed, so far, 11 Grammy nominations. This year, she’s nominated for all the biggest categories, including Record of the Year, Artist of the Year and Best Vocal Pop Album.

Billie Eilish recently said that if she could trade places with anyone it would be Grande because of her voice. “Ariana Grande’s voice is fucking crazy. Can you imagine opening your mouth and that comes out? Holy fuck!” she said. But with stars this big, it’s easy to get lost in the glitz and glam and the fancy sets and music videos. Through it all, let’s remember what got Grande her 167.8 million Instagram followers in the first place. Her voice.
Or have we forgotten? Just in case things have gotten a little fuzzy in your head and you don’t remember the level of Grande's vocal talent, we’ve compiled a list of some of her best live vocals as a reminder before her December show.

Carpool Karaoke
If you haven’t seen this already, just watch and pay attention to those effortless runs. In this video, James Corden asks for a little advice on how to do vocal runs, though apparently it’s not as easy as it looks.

Saturday Night Live

Grande has since done many “Wheel of Musical Impressions” games on late night TV, but perhaps the world was first made aware of her gift of magical transformation in this SNL skit.

This is a video a fan tweeted out of someone shouting “Wait, start again! I wasn’t recording!” while Grande began the haunting a capella melody “raindrops (an angel cried).” Grande laughed and did, indeed, start again. Which is great, because vocals like that must be documented.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, "Imagine"

Angelic whistle tones start at 2:50. You’re welcome. Also, whoever is not Ariana Grande and keeps attempting this song at karaoke bars, please stop for the good of mankind.

Live at the White House, "I Have Nothing"

Throwing in a little baby Grande here with her cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” in the White House for the Obamas. Ah, what a simpler time.

One Love Manchester concert

Here’s maybe the best reason to love Grande. After the terrorist attack at her show in Manchester, she held a massive benefit concert called “One Love Manchester.” To hear some great classic Grande vocals mixed with some tears from the overwhelming emotion from that day, skip to the last two songs in the concert. A misty-eyed Grande sings “One Last Time” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to her fans, and it is everything.
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