DallaFornication is this weekend.
DallaFornication is this weekend.
courtesy Shoose McGee

DallaFornication at the Nines Will Be an All-Day Local Hip-Hop Celebration

The Nines is gearing up for an epic party celebrating Dallas hip-hop this weekend with the first installment of DallaFornication. The event is 2 p.m. Sunday and features 15 hip-hop and R&B acts, along with a handful of DJs and visual artists. Sunday’s lineup will include performances from Rakim Al-Jabbaar, M3CCA, Van Gammon, Jay West and Shoose McGee, the primary event organizer.

The production of DallaFornication was put together through the collaborative efforts of Tha Cult (Those Humans Are Creating Unity Love and Togetherness), who describe themselves as a music label and a community organization founded by McGee and Ladaria “Doogie” Brown. They partnered with hip-hop blogger/promoter Sweet Savage to bring DallaFornication to fruition.

McGee curated the lineup.

“I chose the artists I chose because they’re all great in their own way and they know how to entertain," he says. "We will also be dropping a compilation mixtape called DallaFornication on digital streaming platforms and hard copy that will have tracks from every artist performing on the bill.”

Aside from celebrating local hip-hop talent, McGee believes DallaFornication is a vehicle that empowers independent artists.

“All artists are selling tickets and they get to keep 100 percent of their sales," he says. "It’s time for artists to take control of their careers. This is a show by artists for artists. So many promoters are taking advantage of musicians, and I just want to put on a show that ensures they get their due for their talents and hard work."

Tha Cult says their purpose is to create social awareness for the masses through music, art and entertainment while using their position to help the less fortunate. They’re in the process of organizing another show at Green Elephant set for Nov. 23, along with a coat drive to benefit homeless youth. McGee is putting the finishing touches on his new album, which is scheduled to be released this winter.

McGee appears excited about his new projects and believes this Sunday will be a special event for the local hip-hop community.

“DallaFornication is the move,” he says. “Come out and ‘fornicate’ with us this Sunday. You won’t be let down.”

Tickets are $10.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.