Damn Fine Music Fest Is Going With Obscure Twin Peaks Characters This Year

Audrey Horne band: left to right, Paragraph Taylor (ManifestiV), Daniel Ernesto (Sunbuzzed), Michael J. Slack (Dome Dwellers) and Charlie DeBolt (Upsetting).EXPAND
Audrey Horne band: left to right, Paragraph Taylor (ManifestiV), Daniel Ernesto (Sunbuzzed), Michael J. Slack (Dome Dwellers) and Charlie DeBolt (Upsetting).
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The time has come again for another five supergroups to deliver 25-minute sets based on different characters from the classic series Twin Peaks. Yes, it's Damn Fine Music Fest II.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, DOMA-winning talent buyer Jeff Brown of King Camel Productions has created an annual celebration of all things Twin Peaks. The concept is to create five original bands — all local and not in bands with one another — that have created 25-minute-long original scores based on five characters.

“We have some of the very cream of the crop artists from Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth working together to create the most original and emotionally charged music ever,” Brown says.

Like last year, the bands have been asked to create original music inspired by their assigned character, but this year, the characters are different and many are more abstract than the ones explored in the festival’s inaugural year.

“We were given a character that doesn’t get a lot of screen time,” Talkie Walkie’s Logan Kelson says of his group’s assigned character, Gordon Cole. “So it’s been a fun challenge to flesh him out and dig into how, we perceive, his mind works.”

In fleshing out the character, the band created music blending “elements of shoegaze with sprinkles of post-punk, ambient psychedelic and jazz” creating “some dark songs and some love songs.”

Rene Floyd of VVoes also says dealing with an abstract character is inspirational.

“[Judy] is a little harder to define when it comes to inspiration, but we are totally OK with that,” he says. “The music has come to us organically in the room. We’ve been making recordings and coming back to little moments or ideas we like or feel. Personally, it has been a cathartic and fulfilling experience.”

Veteran to Damn Fine Music, Midnight Opera’s Nicole Marxen-Myers says writing the songs has been cathartic for her, too.

“He’s such a one-dimensional character, working within those limitations was an enjoyable challenge," she says. "Mr. C is a vessel for pure evil. What you’ll hear at Damn Fine Music Fest II is guaranteed to be ruthless and to punch you straight in the psychological jugular.”

Unlike last year, the bands won't have an individual visual artist to complement the group’s live set with original images. Instead, Jim Branstetter will create visuals for each band in the entire show.

“I know the bands will also be adding theatrical elements to their set,” the festival mastermind, Brown, says. “It’s a one-time chance to experience this lineup, and whether you're a Twin Peaks fan or not, this is not an opportunity you should miss out on.”

Damn Fine Music Fest is 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19 at Three Links. Tickets start at $12.

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