This Week In Dallas Music History: Laying Bedhead Down To Rest

There's little doubting Robert Wilonsky's stance on Bedhead--dude's a fan.

So there's little surprise then, that, in his August 6, 1998 article, "Putting it to bed," Robert's writing took on a somber tone. Hell, the last sentence in the piece might as well be sobs: "So sad," Robert wrote at the time.

But, while breakup of "one of the very best bands ever to have come from Dallas" may have rocked Robert's world--and have come as a direct contrast to Course of Empire's ugly breakup just a month earlier--it wasn't the end of the musical output from brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane, who, as Robert foreshadows in this piece, went on to spend the '00s receiving critical acclaim as The New Year, releasing our favorite record of '08 (The New Year), and one of our favorites of the decade (2004's The End Is Near).

Still, for many, Bedhead's crop remains the brothers' best. And, well, OK, "Bedside Table" really is pretty darn amazing.

Hit the jump for scans of the original article, as well as the oh-so-fun concert ads that ran alongside it.

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Pete Freedman
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