This Week In Dallas Music History: The Secret Machines of Captain Audio (An Origin Story)

If it seemed like The Secret Machines were more than comfortable playing the outdoor stage at the DOMAXXII Showcase on Saturday, well, there's a good reason for that. It's not really a secret around town that the New York-based act got its start in right here in Dallas, or that the band boasts former members of Tripping Daisy, UFOFU and, yes, Captain Audio.

And, sure, we chose this week's article from the July 15, 1999 edition of the Observer in anticipation of The Secret Machines' members return to their ol' stomping grounds. After all, when Zac Crain interviewed Brandon Curtis for this piece, Curtis was literally just around the corner from this weekend's outdoor stage at Captain Audio's Deep Ellum rehearsal space.

But, what many folks may not remember is that not only did The Secret Machines share members with Captain Audio, the band itself originated as just a Captain Audio side project.

This story sheds some light on the very early days of the act then known as The Secret Machines of Captain Audio, which, based on the piece, started as a means of opening Captain Audio up to "as many as a dozen members or as few as three."

"I think it's an opportunity to do something different," Curtis said of The Secret Machines in the piece. "It's an excuse to not play rock music, not play songs. Just get up and test your skills."

You can read the story here or click through to check out the scans after the jump. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.