This Week In Dallas Music History: The Toadies Play Possum With Feeler

Remember back in 2010 when the Toadies finally released that decade-old record called Feeler? It was supposed to be the follow-up to their classic Rubberneck, but Interscope canned it back in 1998. Eventually, the band went on to release Hell Below/Stars Above -- but, before that, fans were scratching their heads wondering when they would hear new music from the Toadies.

Former Observer music editor Zac Crain wondered the same thing in 2000, when he wrote a feature story about the band and their scrapped album. So, in this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we take a look back at the Toadies, whose career was stuck in neutral at that point.

For years leading up to the story, there were rumors of an unreleased Toadies record -- something fans asked the band's members about on a daily basis. Those questions were waning as the band approached the seven-year mark since Rubberneck was released in 1994.

In the piece, the band talks about the waiting game, and what exactly happened when Interscope rejected Feeler.

As the Toadies prepare for their 2011 rendition of their annual Dia de Los Toadies affair, this read makes for a good primer. Check it out after the jump.

Here's a slightly more readable version of the story in the Observer online archives.

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