Tonight, Tonight: Cool Out at Bar Celine, Big J Mondays at The Crown & Harp and Brasuka at Dan's Silverleaf

The pretty slim musical pickings on this evening after Easter just got slimmer, as tonight's scheduled free gig from Danny Balis at Bar Belmont has been postponed until next week. Still, there's at least one interesting show going on that's worth your while. Plus, there's some serious drama attached to two competing, regular Monday night gigs in the local DJ scene that might be worth your while, too.

Cool Out Mondays at Bar Celine
Earlier this month, Cool Out Mondays, long a staple at The Cavern (which is now The Crown & Harp), moved over to Bar Celine. And to hear one of the revered night's co-founders, Tony Schwa, tell it, the move is a great thing: "Bar Celine reflects Cool Out," he told us on the night's debut in its new digs. "You can see it when you come in. It looks like Cool Out. It feels like Cool Out." And we tend to agree with him; the swanky confines of Bar Celine mesh quite well with the disco jams regularly offered up by Schwa and his fellow DJs, Sober and Adam P. If you've never been to Cool Out, you're really missing out.

Big J Mondays at The Crown and Harp
It should be noted, of course, that at least part of Cool Out's move away from The Cavern/The Crown & Harp was due to Schwa's falling out with his Cool Out co-founder, Big J. After leaving his Cool Out perch back in August of 2010, J has now returned to his old stomping grounds to launch a Cool Out competitor, housed in its old spot. Drama!

Brasuka, Boxcar Bandits at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton
Before the Boxcar Bandits get started tonight with their weekly Americana shindig, a brand new jazz ensemble called Brasuka will do their thing at Dan's, too. Featuring University of North Texas music professor Rosana Eckert, the seven-piece band plays Brazilian jazz in the ultra-smooth style of the legendary Sergio Mendes. Brasuka gets started promptly at 8 p.m., though, so get all dressed up and chow down relatively early before heading over to Dan's and discovering some culture. And if you don't have anywhere else to go, stick around and catch the Boxcar Bandits as well. They're certainly capable of knocking that cultured stuff right out of you.

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Darryl Smyers
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