Tripping Daisy Announce They'll Play a Surprise Show on Sunday

Tripping Daisy, playing in North Richland Hills back in 2017, has a pop-up show on Sunday at the Kessler.
Tripping Daisy, playing in North Richland Hills back in 2017, has a pop-up show on Sunday at the Kessler. Mike Brooks
Here's something you need to know: Tripping Daisy will be playing a surprise pop-up show Sunday, Aug. 28, at the Kessler Theater. If you want tickets, you better jump on that now.

Following a short appearance at Saturday’s Homage Nation tribute to Alice Cooper at the Kessler, the band announced plans on social media to play a full set of Tripping Daisy music the following night, giving fans less than 24 hours to line up tickets.

We last saw Tripping Daisy what seems like a lifetime ago, with a 2017 headlining appearance at Homegrown Fest, followed by a short tour of Texas. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s always  memorable.

Saturday night’s Homage Nation event revolved around a documentary that detailed how record store owner Chris Penn brought the original Alice Cooper band back together for an appearance at Good Records in 2015. Penn and Tripping Daisy frontman Tim DeLaughter have a long shared history. Along with DeLaughter's wife, Julie Doyle, the two started both Good Records the store and Good Records the music label.

Musically, you probably wouldn’t refer to Penn as the “fifth Daisy,” but he has been connected to the business side of Tripping Daisy since the early years, and it was no surprise that DeLaughter and Tripping Daisy played a role in the Alice Cooper reunion and in Saturday night’s tribute event.

The tribute show got the band back together to rehearse; rehearsals led to talk of doing another show or two, and with all the gear already at the Kessler, Sunday night seemed like a no-brainer.
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Tripping Daisy at Homegrown fest in 2017.
Mike Brooks
Saturday’s announcement gives fans less than 24 hours to scramble for tickets, so if you slept in Sunday morning and are just reading this announcement, you may have missed the train. But if you like “I was there for that one” shows, you owe it to yourself to at least go look. Tickets are on sale at

Insider tip: There are no-shows for every event, and the Kessler does a good job of making sure those spots don’t go to waste. Just show up at the door night of and look really, really sad.
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Mike Brooks