Tum Tum Reveals New Track From Upcoming Mixtape--And A Head-Scratching Nevermind Reference

Dallas rapper Tum Tum, who claimed notable success in the rap game over the past few years, even having the video for "Caprice Musik" run on MTV for a short time in 2006, is set to drop his latest mixtape, Purp Kobain, on Saturday.

Purp Kobain? That sounds oddly familiar....But it's spelled with a "K," so he couldn't possibly be making an allusion to Nirvana's suicidal icon.

Oh, wait, he totally is. (Notice the album art).

The parallels have yet to be explained, but, at the very least, the new album provides a pretty amusing visual; Baby Tum Tum drawn to scale with quaff, tats and bling, swimming through a sea of what context clues tell me is purple drank. The "Parental Advisory" could not have been more appropriately placed and the 20-dollar bill even accounts for economic inflation.

Judging by the exclusive peek he's given Fresh New Tracks, the album will offer much more than a clever cover. "Real Talk," gritty and worthy of the strategically placed "Parental Advisory," is an arrangement-heavy track, with nice orchestral complements and plenty to say about his hometown, Dallas.

Tum Tum's label, DCC, has posted a few "trailers" online to promote the upcoming release. Unfortunately, they do little to preview the album at all. The two trailers only show Tum Tum and company in the studio recording, and not-so-much recording, to a Nirvana soundtrack.

Check out the trailers and the new track and look for the full-length mixtape at the end of this week.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.