Turbo Fruits, Pujol

Turbo Fruits make something that you hear about too infrequently in the airy, upper echelons of the blogosphere: rock and roll.

The Nashville group, made up of Matt Hearn, Dave McCowen and former Be Your Own Pet member Jonas Stein, propels itself with spirited drum attacks and flailing guitar jams. The raucous, bedheaded rockers' sound isn't mere emulation; instead of mimicking classic garage and surf rock, the group simply picks up where those vintages trailed off. The band's sophomore release, Echo Kid, is a swaggering album that captures a goofy sense of delinquency.

On this tour, the band is joined by like-minded fellow Nashville act, Pujol. Expect a sauntering, brat-lipped party of a live show.

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