Two Knights

It's hard to believe that Two Knights were just seniors in high school last year. Now recent graduates Miles DeBruin and Parker Lawson are poised to become staples of the local scene with their first-ever tour and the release of their latest, the Quilt Chamberlain EP, which was recorded by Gutterth Records' Michael Briggs.

The short-but-sweet EP plays out like a quick introductory course to Lawson's somewhat unconventional arpeggiated tapping style and DeBruin's ability to shift tempos and feels on the turn of a dime, all perfectly in synch with his bandmate. The chemistry and precision usually associated with this style of Maps & Atlases-suggestive math rock—where rapid-fire syncopation is king and meter changes occur at breakneck speeds—typically take years to develop. Then again, this duo has been performing together since middle school.

Lawson's tricks, as they currently stand, may perhaps grow a tad wearisome, but the blink-and-you-missed-it length of Quilt Chamberlain makes it a rather enjoyable listen, and one that will feel extremely familiar to anyone who's caught a Two Knights live show.


Two Knights

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