Untapped Dallas Taps Flaming Lips, Moves to Fair Park for 2015

What is it with the Flaming Lips? Seems like every time a music festival is getting ready to move up a notch, Wayne Coyne shows up. Every festival promoter in Texas must have his number on speed dial. It happened a few years ago with 35 Denton. Same thing with KXT's Summer Cut. It happened again this year with the festival formerly known as Psych Fest. And now you can add Untapped Dallas to that list.

The Oklahoma psych freaks got announced as the headliners for Untapped this morning, which at this point isn't so much an attention-grabber as it is a confetti-strewn rite of passage. But in the case of Untapped — the beer and music fest started by Spune in 2012 and since brought under the auspices of the Dallas Morning News — the clearer sign of intent is their change of location. Having apparently outgrown their former digs at Gilley's, the festival is moving over to Fair Park this year.

Otherwise the format stays the same, with 100 beer vendors bringing in craft brews and a slate of bands. Among the other musicians announced this morning are Dr. Dog — a safe if popular choice — indie rockers Cloud Nothings and, in keeping with the classic hip hop precedent set by signing up De La Soul for the Fort Worth date, the Pharcyde. (We like that precedent, btw.) Austin's UME and locals Valise and Birds of Night are also on the bill.

Then again, who knows what kind of surprises could pop up. Coyne is BFFs with Miley Cyrus after all, and we know what happens when friends of hers come to Dallas.

As happened last year, Untapped is taking place in November, on Saturday the 7th to be exact. Tickets start off at $45 (which includes 12 drink tickets) and go all the way up to $135 for the VIP treatment, should you enjoy your craft beer drinking experience just that much.

The full list of bands announced today:

The Flaming Lips
Dr. Dog
Cloud Nothings
Elle King
The Pharcyde
The Mowglis
Steve Gunn
Birds of Night

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