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Untapped Fort Worth - Rain on 35 Denton Weekend? Surely Not

Under a chilly and sometimes sprinkling sheet of grey Fort Worth sky that turned stout black sooner than usual, the second edition of Untapped Fort Worth successfully kept its attendees spirits high with quality ales and well-crafted musical performances. The several food trucks on-hand even lent the event some warmth in the form of hot deliciousness (most notably, the goat cheese and strawberry jam-laden Sweet and Lowdown burgers from the always excellent Easy Slider truck).

While the crowd was certainly smaller than usual due to the inclement temps, an intimacy was evident -- a rarity for a sizable festival -- given that everyone who was there, especially after 7pm, when the chill offered more bite, truly wanted to be there. Maybe it was because they couldn't get enough beer (understandable), or, perhaps there wasn't an act that could be missed, but Saturday night's festive spirit at Panther Island Pavilion, just outside of downtown Fort Worth, proffered an emotional glow not even a blazing sun would've been capable of providing.

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Gavin Cleaver
Contact: Gavin Cleaver