Video: 'Bounce' with Guess

Guess proves in his latest video, "Bounce 4 Me," that all that is needed for an indie rap video is dancing chicks, pimped-out rides and a bunch of available friends. The video, also featuring Young Bleed, is the latest by Dallas-based label FhatCity Records. What could have been another throwaway homegrown effort ends up strangely transfixing: Thanks to the song’s catchy hook, you end up engrossed in the images of a group of guys hanging around some funked-up cars, throwing wads of cash around on a sunny afternoon. Or maybe just watching it five times in a row does that as well.

The behind the scenes video is even more compelling. Set to the same tune, it could definitely stand on its own. But more importantly, I never knew tires could be that big. -- Rich Lopez


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