Video: MC Lars And Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick At The Double Wide

I missed a ton of good shows around town last week--Thanksgiving with the folks in Boston, y'know--but the one I'm probably most disappointed about missing, which probably says a lot about me, is the nerdcore show at the Double Wide on Saturday.

MC Lars? MC Frontalot? ytcracker? These guys are titans in the nerdcore world, people!

And I've actually gotten to know Bryce Case, Jr., aka ytcracker, pretty well thanks to my time working in his home town of Colorado Springs. He's pretty legit: At age 17, he hacked in NASA's web site--which is basically the nerdcore equivalent of 50 Cent having been shot nine times--and he's got a longstanding feud with MC Chris, another of nerdcore's biggest names. I wrote about that feud at length back at the Colorado Springs Independent, which, oddly enough, was a story I got thanks to a tip from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Cary Darling, another writer who's written his fair share about the hip-hop game. Go figure.

Anyway, the above video, in which Jaret Reddick of Denton's Bowling for Soup joined Lars onstage at the Double Wide? I mean, come on. Even the cynic in you knows that was probably a ton of fun.  --Pete Freedman

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