Vox Pop, Rd. 2: JMack (This Week's Returning Champ) vs. Yung Rick (The Challenger)

Welcome to Round 2 of Vox Pop, DC9's way to give back to the hip-hop community.

First off, we'd like to start by saying thanks for all of the input that we got last week, in our first round of competition. Let's keep this thing building, though. And that being said, let's do our best to keep the comments section constructive. (As JMack mentioned in last week's comments section, keep in mind that we might want to show this to our families. OK?)

Now let's get into Round 2.

This week's installment pits our defending champ JMack, against some fresh blood in the form of our challenger Yung Rick. Our emcees explored the theme "Spring is coming" to combat the bold snap that we've all been hating lately.

So which lyricist warms you up?

JMack comes back with some more theatrics, while challenger Yung Rick took a more conventional approach, confident enough in the merits of his wordplay and swagger to take the close-up head-in-a-box approach.

Check the submissions after the jump.

The Champ: JMack -- "What's Happening This Spring?"

The Challenger: Yung Rick -- "Spring Is Coming"

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: All emcees (and producers with emcee friends) should start getting your videos together for Round 3 of Vox Pop. Next week's topic is "My Favorite Movie." Pretty wide open stuff there, so run with it. Video submissions are due here, with a link sent via email, by close of business Monday.

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Nic Hernandez