Vox Pop, Rd. 3: JMack (The Champ) vs. J-Kid (Challenger No. 1) vs. Bobby Fisha (Challenger No. 2)

Welcome to Round 3 of Vox Pop, your weekly video emcee showdown. In the spirit of keeping the entrants of this contest on their toes, we're going to throw the first of what is sure to many curve balls.

Today we introduce the Vox Pop Hall of Fame. Rappers who win for three weeks straight--like JMack, who has already emerged victorious in our first two weeks of competition, has a chance to do this week--will graduate to a list that will be showcased in some sort of Dallas Observer-sponsored way (more on that in the near future). That'll be a few rounds down the road, though, so lets get into the meat of Round 3...

JMack and his challengers were charged with creating a video that explored the topic of their favorite movie. And, yes, we're gonna make our defending champ earn his way into our Hall of Fame like any honorable artist would. So that means we're adding an extra challenger for our current holder of the Vox Pop belt to make a three-person battle royale...

After all, we're all about organic growth and change here at Vox Pop--so be sure to let the voice of the people be heard.

JMack's playing for a spot in the Hall. The other two are playing for a shot to defend next week. Stakes is high. Let's check the videos after the jump...

The Champ: JMack -- "16 Bars. 10 Movies. 1 Movement."

The champ looks strong with his superb high-quality video and solid lyrical skill. If he goes into the Hall, he will definitely go in with style. JMack set the bar high for future Vox Pop competitors--and something tells be that you haven't heard the last from him around these parts.

Challenger No.1:
J-Kid -- "Movie Time"

Challenger 1 is J-Kid, who brought visuals to the fray, taking us on a tour through the tops of his DVD collection.

Challenger No. 2:
Bobby Fisha -- "No Favorite Movie"

And finally Bobby Fisha, who we hear has been getting some shine at local open mic battles. Let's see what he's got here? He's about 7 seconds over the 45-second limit, but kept it to 16 bars so I'm sure the other competitors won't squawk. 

Alright, that's it. Get your vote in and don't forget to tell your friends.

OK, Round 3, FIGHT! And let's keep it clean in the comments, folks.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Go git those Round 4 vids ready and send 'em in right here. Yee haw. Next week's topic is tacos. Love 'em or hate 'em (you wouldn't dare), they're a part of life in Dallas, Texas. Briefly, a recap of the rules: No cussing; submission must be in video form; verse is to be 45 seconds in length; the rhyme must be along the lines of each week's provided topic; and you must exercise creativity and skil. Good luck!

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Nic Hernandez