Watch: A Gorgeous Take On Sore Losers' Final Dallas Performance

It's been a couple months since

Sore Losers

offered up an epic set at what was then The Lounge on Elm Street, exuberantly performing to a packed room. And if you weren't there--or you somehow didn't hear--the duo raised the bar on their already excellent stage show by performing their farewell to Dallas set with the backing of a full band instead of the traditional hip-hop route of relying on turntable or some other form of digital instrumentation.

In his expected artful form, Blue the Great of Unkommon Kolor directs this video, entitled "Gone For Now," by detailing some of the buildup to that June performance. In the clip, posted above, we see Sore Loser's tandem of Vincent Brown and Brandon Blue reminiscing as they traverse familiar streets for the last time for who knows how long. We also catch a glimpse of the prep work that went into having a band learn all of their tunes.

For all of the fervent fans that the Sore Losers retain in North Texas, this vignette serves as a small meal--something for the loyals to chew on while we all await the fruits borne from their new creative home base.

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