Watch (And Download): THe BAcksliders -- "Talk To My Heart"

Sometimes, simplicity's the best way to go. Case in point: pretty much any song in

THe BAcksliders

' catalog.

That's hardly a knock on the band either--THe BAcksliders' straightforward, often Badfinger-influenced songs are something of a breath of fresh air in the local scene, which has seen something of a dearth of straight up rock 'n' rollers of late. That might sound odd, given the band's longevity around these parts and all, but, trust me, it isn't. As anyone who saw the band's invigorating performance at Good Records' National Record Store Day celebration can attest, the band's straight-forward performance--which came just as the rain started pouring outside that day--offered a much-needed kick in the ass to the festivities.

Which brings us to this above, just-released new video for the band's new single, "Talk To My Heart." It's a pretty simple clip, but, in true BAckslider fashion, it gets the job done capably. Check it out. And, if you like the track, which finds frontwoman Kim Bonner-Pendleton sharing vocal duties with her husband, Chris Bonner, you can download it for free right here.

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