Watch: Dorrough's "Get Big" Remix Gets The Cartoon Treatment, Finds Dorrough Stomping Around Downtown Dallas Like Godzilla

Why someone thought it was a good idea to make cartoon versions of Dorrough and

his collaborators on his "Get Big" remix

and illustrate them rapping over very literal interpretations of their rhymes' lyrics, I have no idea.

Like the Lord

, the Internet works in mysterious ways, I guess. But it makes for an entertaining watch, nonetheless, if only to see cartoon Dorrough shrugging sheepishly and then doing bicep curls with stacks of money, as he stands downtown next to the Green Building, looking about as big as Godzilla. If nothing else, it's more entertaining than his new video for "Ahh Yeah," which, although featuring its own version of eye candy, is one of the worst songs on his sophomore disc. Give it a watch after the jump while wondering, like us, if Dorrough's planning on making music videos of varying budgets for

every single one

of his songs or if there's an end in sight.


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