Watch: Grandaddy's Jason Lytle Performs "A.M. 180" With Midlake In London

A few years ago I went to see Grandaddy at the Majestic in Downtown Dallas.

Midlake's drummer McKenzie Smith was there, too. He turned to me at one point in the set and said, quite sincerely, "This is probably my favorite band of all time!"

Seems things have come full circle now: Jason Lytle, Grandaddy's former lead singer and current Midlake support act, appears to be having the time of his life in this clip we found of him performing "A.M. 180" onstage with Midlake at The Roundhouse in London earlier this week. In the clip, which can be viewed after the jump, he basically runs around the stage videotaping each member of the band as well as the audience. Check it out after the jump.

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