Later...With Jools Holland Last Night.">

Watch: Midlake Performed "Acts Of Man" on Later...With Jools Holland Last Night.

Seems we've been in the business of posting video's of Midlake playing all over England recently. But, hey, we promise that this one's really worth your time. See, performing on Later...With Jools Holland is kind of a big deal in the UK. It's like being on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno -- if Leno's show were devoted entirely to music. Each episode of Later features performances from five or six international acts. And it appears as if Midlake was on the mainstage during their performance of  "Acts Of Man" on last night's episode.

Anyway, check out the performance after the jump. Oh, and speaking of late-night talk shows, keep your eyes peeled for the Old 97's, who, coincidentally, will be performing "Champaign, Illinois" on Leno tonight -- not because, the band's twitter feed says, it's the single, but because, "apparently it's Jay's favorite track." So there you go.

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