Watch: The 40 Nights of Rock & Roll Team Crushes Pretty Hard on Denton

Last week, we showed you some clips filmed as Scott Sloan and Steve LaBate stopped through Dallas as part of

their 40 Nights of Rock & Roll documentary tour

--footage that

featured Centro-matic's Will Johnson playing piano in easily the best laundry room performance I've ever seen


That stop at Johnson's home came just a few days prior to the filmmakers' stop in Denton, where the pair attended a house party at The Schoolhouse that featured performances from Dear Human, Manned Missles, Doug Burr, Shiny Around the Edges, and Record Hop.

Earlier this week, LaBate and Sloan posted some of their Denton footage to their web site. The video, posted above, captures all the charm of The Schoolhouse as the filmmaker slowly climb the narrow steps to the attic for Doug Burr's set and crouch behind Shiny Around the Edges drummer to get the perfect (and possibly only available) shot of the crowded room.

Despite car trouble with their trusty "Black Betty," which eclipses the first half of the video, the pair seemed to really enjoy Denton, later tweeting to say that "Denton was [their] favorite stop so far on our journey, & that's saying a lot".

They also went so far as to compare Denton with legendary college rock town Athens, Georgia. Tweeted the filmmakers:  "Both [are] small, semi-isolated college towns w/ incredible creative energy, sonic diversity, DIY aesthetic, killer house shows... and a similarly adventurous spirit."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.