Watch the Coathangers Double-Dip in Dallas on Halloween

What did you do for Halloween this year? If your answer is anything other than, "Partied with the Coathangers," then you probably Halloweened wrong. Unless, of course, your answer is, "Partied twice with the Coathangers," or maybe, "Partied in Uptown." (Okay, just kidding on that last one.)

The Atlanta three-piece are no strangers to Dallas; they've played here twice this year already. First they headlined a Red Bull Sound Select date at Trees back in the winter, then came back for Parade of Flesh's Spillover Fest during South by Southwest. Given the size of both those gigs, their visit last weekend was a real treat: They played a free show at The Foundry, then stuck around for another at DIY venue Pariah Arts in the Cedars.

Score for Dallas.

As could be expected, both shows brought out plenty of fans decked out in Halloween attire, the band members included. Videographer Sarah Passon caught up with the ladies in the band to find out a bit about why they like coming to town so much — and so often. (Mike Brooks tagged along as well and shot a slideshow, ICYMI.) And while they didn't get too fancy with the words, they didn't need to; the ass-kicking music says all that needs to be said.
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Jeff Gage
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