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Watch: The September Tornadoes Land A Direct Hit And Total Bonedome's Parked Band Van

The above fairly harrowing footage comes to us straight from the surveillance cameras mounted outside of Allan Hayslip's day job in West Dallas and focused on the warehouse's parking lot, where his Bonedome band van was parked as tornadoes ripped through the area in the early evening of September 8, 2010.

Hayslip was inside the building to the left of the the camera's focus, which was also hit by the tornado. Hayslip (who also performs in the Barry Kooda Combo, currently runs Original Rockstar Karaoke and has performed in a number of regional bands over the years, including Vibrolux) walked away unscathed, but his van, as you can see, was pretty much totaled by the force of nature.

After the jump, give the same footage a watch from a different angle -- the damage on the van is more difficult to see, but the scope of the tornado is only magnified. Give both clips a watch. And maybe listen to this song as the silent clips play? They match up frighteningly well.

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