Watch: Tim Halperin -- "She Runs"

Tim Halperin, Fort Worth pop-rock pianist currently wrapping up his Sorority Tour (kudos on that idea, cute-talented-young-singer boy), has just posted a pretty creative video for "She Runs" off his 2009 EP, Make or Break.

The video, directed by Jonathan Combs and Joe Childress, was filmed in one continuous dolly shot -- meaning there are no edits, no cuts, no nothing; what you see is all in real time. Sets were made and costumes were acquired for a modest budget of only 500 dollars and the crew was composed of happy-to-help volunteers.

With all that in mind, the video, meant to appear stripped-down and resemble an elementary school play, is not only fun, but pretty impressive as well.

Check out the video and then take a peek at the "behind the scenes" footage to see how they pulled it all off. If you like the track,  Make Or Break is still available as a free download on Halperin's site.


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