Weekend Roundup: Erykah Badu, Dove Hunter, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Hiland Band, 50 Cent and Fall Out Boy

Erykah Badu at Good Records on Saturday, April 18
Happy belated birthday, Bill Wisener! The owner of Bill's Records on Lamar Street celebrated his 65th birthday and National Record Store Day with the eccentric First Lady of Neo-Soul and Dallas-native Erykah Badu (among others) at Good Records.  Can you say par-tay?! Seriously: Has Erykah Badu ever wished you a happy birthday?

Now here Badu is performing "On and On"...

Dove Hunter at Good Records, Saturday, April 18
Dallas' own Dove Hunter also celebrated National Record Store Day at Good Records. After a lengthy two-year wait for their debut album in 2008, Dove Hunter is already penning ideas for their sophomore effort. They'll test the waters by performing some of their new material over the next few months. Their Web site says, "[the new music] could be genius, [or] could be a train wreck." I've got my fingers crossed for the former.

Jimmy Buffet at Pizza Hut Park, Saturday, April 18
27,000 Parrot Heads got their (two-and-a-half hour) fill of Jimmy Buffet and his Coral Reefer Band on Saturday. Ahhh...besides the lack of soft sand, bright sun and cerulean blue waters, it was just like being on a beach.

Johnny Hiland Band at The International Guitar Festival, Saturday, April 18
Floppy-brimmed black hat? Check. Impressive musical ability? Check. Big personality? Check. All guitarist Johnny Hiland needs is a harmonica-toting vest, a vast collection of weaponry and several charges of marijuana possession, and who do we have? But seriously, The International Guitar Festival showcases some of the best guitarists in the nation. Hiland seems right at home among the talent.

50 Cent at Nokia Theatre, Friday, April 17
Did you know that 50 Cent's newest LP Before I Self Destruct was inspired by Britney Spears' 2008 public meltdown and head-shaving debacle? In February, 50 Cent told Yahoo! Music News, that Britney "was going through her issues in public. It was great to watch her spin out of control because it makes the average person feel better." Aw, how sweet. Here's Mr. Cent performing an oldie, but a goodie, last Friday in Grand Prairie.

Fall Out Boy at Nokia Theatre, Friday, April 17
Yep, Fall Out Boy and 50 Cent on the same bill together. This unlikely pair seems to possess a shared fanbase... How did that happen? Oh, wait, they write the catchiest music on this side of the Mississippi.

...and that was your weekend.

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