Weekend Roundup: Erykah Badu with Yo Gabba Gabba Live!, Selena Gomez

Erykah Badu with Yo Gabba Gabba Live! at Dr Pepper Arena on Saturday, November 28
Erykah Badu, mother of three, did a dancey-dance with the Yo Gabba Gabba! gang at the Dr Pepper Arena over the weekend. I don't have kids, so I'm out of the loop. But Wikipedia tells me Andy Samberg appeared on the TV show awhile back. That'll look great on his resume right next to the sketch about the, uh, anatomical gift thoughtfully wrapped up in a box.

Selena Gomez at House of Blues on Saturday, November 28
It's all about the kids today. Disney protege and Grand Prairie native Selena Gomez performed for the home crowd at the House of Blues Saturday. If your tween fan missed the show, ease up on the parental filters and head on over to YouTube.

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