Weekend Roundup: John Legend, AC/DC, Flickerstick

After YouTubing like mad, I've come up with some concert videos from shows you might have missed this past weekend.

R&B smooth-crooner John Legend performed at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie on Thursday, January 22. Is it just me, or does his starry backdrop look like the Windows Media Player screensaver? Mesmerizing...

AC/DC brought the rock on Friday night at the American Airlines Center. Even though they emerged from Australia 13 years before I was born, it's easy to grasp why they are one of the biggest rock and roll acts of... ever?

And lastly, Flickerstick's final Dallas show on Saturday, January 24. Tear. They have a few shows left in Fort Worth, but after that, just stay strong and "chloroform the ones that you love"...

...and that about sums it up, folks.  Another weekend witnessed through the shaky lenses of Dallas concert-goers.

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