Weekend Roundup: Morrissey, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Nickelback, Plain White T's, The Beach Boys and Damaged Good$

Morrissey @ Palladium, Friday, April 10
The Smiths, largely due to Morrissey's emotionally-fueled lyrics, are credited with bringing a fragile side to alt-rock in the early-'80s. But make no mistake, dude ain't afraid to make a statement! The Moz has been stirring controversy, causing feuds and taking hard-nosed stances for more than 25 years. Interested in Morrissey's thoughts on the government (British or American), vegetarianism, animal rights, political figures, celebrity musicians, sexuality or racism? A quick Google search will teach you aplenty. Did you know that when The Smiths' released their second album Meat Is Murder, Morrissey forbade the rest of his band members from being photographed eating meat?

Anyways, his latest solo album (and accompanying tour) is getting rave reviews. Spin says that, "The Mayor of Mope is back for another term" and gives his album Years of Refusal 3 out of 4 stars. So there you go.

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights @ House of Blues, Friday, April 10
These homegrown-rockers are making a name for themselves throughout the United States. And here in Dallas, well, you can't help but be at least a little proud. Can you? Unlike several prominent (for now) Dallas bands, JTNL doesn't strive to be the most marketable or mainstream act on the scene. But their music appeals to tons of folks (regardless of age, sex or hometown), and really, shouldn't it be about the music? The strategy is paying off because (a) they're signed to Atlantic; (b) they're going on tour with Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd in June; and (c) they're making music they won't be embarrassed about making ten years from now.

Nickelback @ Superpages.com Center, Saturday, April 11
You either love-to-hate Nickelback, or you just plain love them. The latter is usually the quieter bunch (except when the band comes to town), and the former tends to be pretty vocal in its disdain. Even though it's fun and easy for haters to laugh at the expense of Nickelback's cheesy lyrics and music, the band has been laughing all the way to the bank for nearly 15 years now. You've got to give em' props for somehow staying relevant (and profitable) since 1995! How do they do it?!?!

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Plain White T's @ House of Blues, Saturday, April 11
Post-"Delilah", they're still around cranking out sugary-sweet ballads for the ladies. Their latest album Big Bad World has been smashed to pieces by almost everyone in the business of album reviewing. Absolutepunk.net reviewer Chris Fallon said, "the band continues their steep decline by writing some of the cheesiest, most gimmicky songs even Kidz Bop wouldn't consider covering." Ouchie. Then the website claimed that Big Bad World sold 10 million copies as its April Fool's Day joke in 2009. Double-ouchie! But hoards of Dallas fans didn't seem to mind the bad press when the band came through town this past weekend...

The Beach Boys @ Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Saturday, April 11
There's something ironic about crowds fleeing from a Beach Boys set because of inclement weather. I was under the impression that the sun's warm rays, low levels of humidity and bikini-clad women followed The Beach Boys anywhere they went. No? I'm not sure if the set continued despite the stormy weather or if the set was cut short, but either way, I'm a little sad. These guys have been havin' fun, fun, fun since 1961... who are spring showers to mess with that legacy?

Damaged Good$ @ Rubber Gloves, Saturday, April 11
I've only got this to say about Damaged Good$: lung capacity = astonishing.

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