Weekend Roundup: NX35 Edition including Monotonix, Tame...Tame & Quiet, Gun Gun, Boyfriends Inc. and Possessed by Paul James

Denton was the place to be for live music this weekend, hands down. With the first ever NX35 festival all wrapped up, I wanted to pay it some well-deserved homage with a special edition of Weekend Roundup...


Monotonix at Hailey's, Sunday, Mar. 15
This garage rock band played in Denton's NX35 by way of Tel Aviv, Israel.  Dissatisfied with the state of music in their home country, Monotonix peaced out of Israel in 2006 and has been kicking ass in the United States and other European countries ever since. 

Tame...Tame & Quiet at Dan's Silver Leaf, Saturday, Mar. 14
These bearded indie rockers didn't come from another country. On the contrary, they came from your own backyard: Fort Worth. These homegrowns formed Tame...Tame & Quiet in 2004, and are working on solidifying new material and a new CD.

Gun Gun at the Boiler Room, Thursday, Mar. 12
Gun Gun from Denton says that beer is their biggest influence, and I for one, appreciate the honesty. Bringing a little electro-pop into the NX35 mix, Gun Gun wasn't a part of the original lineup. I'm not sure who bailed, but it looks like it worked out.

Boyfriends Inc. at Haileys, Thursday, Mar. 12
Boyfriends Inc., from Seattle and Miami, have a thing for cats. Their MySpace page is covered with videos, wallpaper, pictures and blogs about kittens. I'm not too familiar with the band, but who doesn't like white-guy rap? And, really, who doesn't like cats? It's a win-win situation for everybody.

Possessed by Paul James at Rubber Gloves, Friday, Mar. 13
Eclectic doesn't begin to describe this one-man band. He plays the banjo in this clip, but word on the streets is he's a guitar and fiddle master also.

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