Weekend Roundup: Of Montreal, Aspersions, B.B. King

The old gypsy woman peered into her crystal ball Friday afternoon. “I am seeing for this weekend a very boring time, not much happening,” she said in a low and ominous voice. “I am seeing cold, hibernation, few video postings.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever. What about my fame? My fortune? How about answering the questions I asked you?” the girl across from her exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” the old woman said. “Pete’s column didn’t tell me. But don’t play the stock market, don’t go swimming after 2 p.m. and don’t expect a lot of great music this weekend. The signs are unfavorable.”

“Can I have my money back?”


Standing on the Monday end of things, it’s clear the old woman was right. But here’s some videos anyways, and it wasn’t a total waste. I am getting a very strong feeling that B.B. King has been here. I also just watched the video.

Of Montreal Friday at the House of Blues The sound’s a bit rough, but the band is doing one of the best songs ever. Seriously, on those days when the world has been giving you instant coffee it’s comforting to know that instant karma is out there. And we all shine on. Indeed we do.

And here again. Same awful sound. Same awesome band.

Aspersions Friday at Reno’s Chop Shop They look a little creepy. They sound a little creepy and whenever I watch a video from the Chop Shop I am waiting for cannibals to fly out of the corner for some reason. I think it’s the name.

No cannibals yet, but there is someone in the video clapping emphatically in the right place while the band plays “Simplicity of Belief.” That’s some emphatic clapping right?

B.B. King Sunday at the Meyerson The song may be called “The Thrill is Gone” but looking at B.B. King, even from the far away seats, is never anything less than thrilling.

And, for all of you who were napping instead, that was your weekend. --Dianna Wray

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