Weekend Roundup: Tapes 'N Tapes, Los Campesinos!, JJ Grey & MOFRO

It's Tapes 'n Tapes, don't cha know? First up as we round-up the weekend, these Minnesotans played in front of a rowdy crowd Friday night at Club Dada (read our review here). They rose to popularity a few years ago via the blogosphere, and from the looks of things, perform up to their internet-created hype. Youbetcha, times are changing! 

Last week we aurally ambushed swanky joggers and patrons with "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed" by Los Campesinos! With an overwhelmingly warm reception, I wonder if the Saturday crowd at Club Dada was a bit more diverse than usual? Nevertheless, it looks like the seven-piece indie-pop-rockers from Wales played an entertaining set.

JJ Grey & MOFRO played Friday at the Granada Theater. I can't decide if MOFRO is short for "more fro" (you can never have too much!) or a play on the quasi-curse "moe-foe". Either way, it makes me laugh. The band covers a little bit of something for everyone, influenced by rock, soul, funk and R&B.


And there you have it, another well documented weekend in Dallas music! 

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Kelly Knickerbocker