Weekend Roundup: The Derek Trucks Band, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Cut Copy, Matt and Kim and White Tie Affair

Ready to take your weekly trip into the rockin' world of this past weekend's music? Bust out those headphones and let's do it! Remember, all videos come courtesy of your friends and mine, those camera-wielding folks at the front of the club. They press on, despite tired arms, so that you can I can enjoy the music vicariously. Thanks, guys!

Derek Trucks Band at Granada, Saturday, Mar. 7
Did you know Derek Trucks began playing guitar and touring with the Allman Brothers when he was only 11-years-old? What a pint-sized badass. Trucks' band was originally called Derek and the Dominators, and despite switching to big-boy name, they're still rockin' today.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters @ Granada, Friday, Mar. 6
Known for their interesting and engaging live sets, Big Head Todd and the Monsters get a little classic rock-y in this clip. Hugely popular in the Mountain States (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming), the crowd's cheers make me think he's pretty big in these parts too... 

Mike and Kim at the Granada, Saturday, Mar. 7
We pimped this show out, posting a show review on Sunday and a slideshow earlier today.  But who doesn't want a little more Mike and Kim in their lives?

Cut Copy at the Granada, Saturday, Mar. 7
Cut Copy gives this week's roundup an international flair, mate!  They're from Melbourne, Austrailia and have toured with Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and Daft Punk.  Click here for the slideshow

White Tie Affair at the Pontiac Garage (HOB), Sunday, Mar. 8
So... the sound quality of this video? Yeah, not so much.  At least you get a pretty clear picture of the band, though. And their jumpy fanbase, too. According to the band's biography, "the two founding members both agreed that they wanted to bring some fun back to a music scene that largely focuses on the negative aspects of life." Interesting... 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.