Weekend Roundup: The Maine, 3OH!3, Family Force 5 and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Well, if you thought our SXSW coverage was over, you'd be wrong. There's plenty more coming this afternoon. In the meantime, here's what you maybe saw in Dallas, as most of DC9 was down in Austin...

The Maine @ The House of Blues, Friday, Mar. 20
"Don't be fooled by my girl jeans, I'm just showing my love for the ladies," John O'Callaghan V, The Maine's lead vocalist, says. "I like you [girls] so much, I'm gonna wear your clothing."

Ahhh, what a dreamboat.

Originally from Phoenix, The Maine is currently making their way across America as a part of the AP Tour.

3OH!3 @ The House of Blues, Friday, Mar. 20
Originally from Boulder, Colorado, this two-piece electronica outfit is also part of the current AP Tour lineup. Confused by the name? 3OH!3 is a spiced-up way to say 303, Boulder's area code. They're just reppin'!

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Family Force 5 @ The House of Blues, Friday, Mar. 20
So yeah, the teenage scenesters at the AP Tour had their cameras ready. Family Force 5 is a Christian-based band, with mainstream distribution, out of Atlanta. Members of the band go by the nicknames like Soul Glow Activatur, Crouton, Phatty, Nadaddy and Chap Stique. Interesting...

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ House of Blues, Thursday, Mar. 19
Original members Scotty Morris and Kurt Sodergren got things started for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in 1989. Twenty years and seven members later, BBVD is still swinging their way around the country. On their MySpace page, BBVD calls themselves, "The World's Best Little Big Band."

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