White Arms Of Athena Is Starting To Reaching Out

The members of White Arms of Athena, a progressive metal act from Mesquite, are checking out studios in order to complete their debut recording.

“The full-length will be called Astrodrama and it shouldn’t take longer than a month or two to complete,” says guitarist Colin McDonnell.

The band just played a high-profile gig at the Plano center and is setting up shows throughout the summer. The 19-year-old McDonnell is excited about the band’s growth over the past couple of months:

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”We’ve redone and written many songs and we’re ready to showcase them,” says McDonnell. “People aren’t going to expect the progression we’ve made as band and as individual musicians.”

Brave talk to be sure. Yet the band’s Myspace page offer songs like “Confrontations with a Ghost” and “Inhale in Exile,” cuts that show a band more advanced than their tender years would imply. Although White Arms of Athena has been around for a couple of years, one member is still finishing up high school and McDonnell envisions a time soon to come when the band can be a completely full-time act. Says the obviously giddy guitarist: “It’s like our new coming out.” --Darryl Smyers

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