Who's The Odd Man Out In The Lil Wayne Concert Lineup?

We've been privy to the Lil' Wayne concert for a while now, but only recently did I start hearing radio drops for it that announce who else would be sharing the stage with him: Keyshia Cole (OK), T-Pain (I can see that), and Gym Class Heroes (WTF)?

Not taking anything away from GCH because they fucking rock, but unless they're planning some sort of mash up, complete with Wayne pulling out "Let It Rock," I don't see the connection.

As musicians, I could see why the foursome would be cool with touring together--you've gotta expose yourself to new stuff to grow as an artist. But I can't help but wonder if the same kids who two-step to T-Pain and Wayne's "Can't Believe It" will feel GCH's "Catch Me If You Can"...

But hey, who knows. Maybe this thing will go over just fine and "Peace Sign/Index Down" will transcend. However, for some of us, it was more of treat to catch GCH with Estelle instead of enduring Keyshia's bellowing and T-Pain's antics (however you may categorize it). --Quia Querisma

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