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World Cup Parties at Dan's Silverleaf Wed Live Music and Denton-Style Patriotism

"Do you wanna hear some Slayer?" a very disappointed Craig Welch says, queuing up the next track at his turntable set-up. Pumping his fists, palm up (indicative of frustration), Welch is engrossed deep into a combination of disappointment of the U.S.-Portugal game result and general agreement with the heavy metal reverberations echoing throughout Dan's Silverleaf on this particular Sunday night.

Every four years, various media outlets seem to pander to the idea that we Americans are mere World Cup novices, continually running beginner's guides a la informative and introductory articles outlining the most epic sporting event this side of the Olympics. And that may be true to some extent: we are generally a nation of football, not futbol, enthusiasts. However, the near-capacity scene at Dan's proved this is not entirely the case.

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Aaron Ortega
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