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WorldStarHipHop Posted a Truly Awful Pro-Trump Rap Song, and You’re Going to Hear It

Trump supporter? There's a rap for that.
Trump supporter? There's a rap for that. Gage Skidmore
Last year, conservative influencer Bryson Gray launched a Twitter campaign called the #MAGACHALLENGE, in which President Donald Trump's supporters showcase their musical chops (or lack thereof) by sharing videos of themselves spitting chauvinistic rap verses. This challenge generated so much steam that the president himself tweeted, “I will be announcing the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and inviting them to the @WhiteHouse to meet with me and perform. Good luck!”

This may come as a shock, but Trump has yet to make good on that promise. No #MAGACHALLENGE participant was announced as a winner, but in fairness to the lame-duck president, he seems to have bigger fish to fry. After all, he’s been devoting this past month to crying foul after he himself wasn’t announced as the winner in the 2020 presidential election.

Now, Trump and his aides have yet to show any real evidence the president was cheated, and Attorney General Bill Barr told The Associated Press that the Justice Department has “not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” but feelings don’t care about your facts. Trump really wants a second term and no rallying cries can be too unsubstantiated to get in the way of some good ol’ fashioned galvanization. One of the most omnipresent of these is “Stop the Steal,” which has even found itself in the title of the worst conservative hip-hop song all year (which is really saying something, by the way).

The music video for “Rigged Election (Stop the Steal),” a new single by Ohio rapper J360, was posted by none other than WorldStarHipHop as part of its “WSHH Heatseekers” series. 
“You mean to tell me 2,700,000 Trump votes just disappeared magically?” he asks rhetorically over a reverbed synth instrumental. Amid this rant, J360 continues spouting off more Project Veritas talking points, such as Trump votes being automatically switched and pro-Biden ballots being cast by dead people. The latter of these claims is one that is commonly echoed on social media by conservative pundits and politicians, but a BBC investigation found that many of these supposed “dead” people were, in fact, alive.

Still, J360 isn’t going to let that get in the way of a good bitterness bar (and we say “good” rather loosely). Not even one minute in, he petulantly spits, “Trump rallies, super packed / Biden’s was as dead as his voters,” which is the lyrical equivalent of a DJ telling a club promoter, “I don’t know why the room is so empty; 300 people RSVP’d on Facebook.”

From there, the song becomes more difficult to unpack than all the luggage at LaGuardia combined. He hilariously pronounces the word “coup” as “coop” as if Democrats are rounding up chickens, then calls Fox News “traitors” in the same breath. Following this, he says “Joe Biden say an 8-year-old boy can be a girl / Is Joe Biden gay? / You like 8-year-old boys dressed like girls? / That’s that extra weird shit / Some presidential queer shit.”

Looking beyond the blatant homophobia and transphobia in this verse, Biden never once said anything about 8-year-old children transitioning, so J360 essentially summons them into existence and looks at them through a creepily sexual lens.

Kind of a weird thing to bring up while trying to argue that votes in Michigan were stolen, but we’ll soldier past that and focus on the heart of the matter, which is that J360 thinks Trump was the rightful winner of the 2020 election. We all know that Trump’s legal team tried to argue this to no avail, but somehow this artist does it with even less tact, especially as he spits profoundly cringeworthy lines like, “I’m shitting on the left like I’m allergic to dairy” and “Controlling this puppet with a hand up his rear.”

But perhaps the worst part of this song is how convinced he is that the media is silencing him and other Trump supporters. The fact that we're even writing this in the first place is itself strong evidence to the contrary, as is WorldStarHipHop’s puzzling endorsement of what is essentially a Breitbart comment section set to music. As media members, we’re not stifling free expression, but this song is so bad that it makes us wish we did.
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