XXL Says Post Malone Is From New York, Crushing Dallas' Hopes and Dreams

Let's be clear about one thing: Post Malone is from Dallas. Okay, Grapevine. That's basically Dallas, though. Of course, he wasn't born here. He was born in Syracuse, New York. But still: Dallas. Got it? Well, you can imagine the pandemonium that was caused on Monday when XXL Magazine announced Post Malone was in the running for its XXL Freshmen Class of 2016 — and said he was "reppin' Syracuse, NY."

Everyone, take cover.

What's not clear is whether this was some sort of unfathomable conspiracy on behalf of XXL to deprive Dallas of the shine that it's due for Post Malone's inclusion, or whether it was a simple clerical error. That seems feasible, although no less defeating for local hip-hop fans clamoring for recognition beyond the city limits. There’s been no acknowledgement of the claim by Post Malone, who hasn’t tweeted in four days, or XXL Magazine.

What is clear: Dallas hip-hop fans lost their shit over this perceived slight to the Big D. For example:

You get the idea. An overreaction? Eh, who knows.

If the mistake really was an oversight, then it’s an odd error. Since Post Malone's overnight success began last year, there have been five XXL articles that identify Dallas as his hometown, say he’s from Texas or make mention that he was raised in Dallas.

Post Malone has never been shy about "reppin'" his real hometown. Earlier this month, he appeared at House of Blues sporting a Texas Rangers jersey. He even brought a Dallas hip-hop stalwart out in the form of Big Tuck, who performed the Dallas classic “Southside Da Realist.”

One way or another, this is all just attracting more attention to the clickbait cash cow that is the annual XXL Freshmen Class list, which features 10 of the best up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the country for a special issue of the magazine coming later this summer. Post Malone was included among the list of over 100 rappers in the running for the 10th and final spot on the list, which will be decided by public vote. But hey, no one should be surprised he made the cut, anyway.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.