Yesterday at NX35: Fear and Loathing on the Square. Or: Navigating NX35's Night Two Schedule.

Conferettes sound fun and all. That is, until the schedule is released.

That's when neurosis, the likes of which only my poor wife has seen, begins to take over.

Thursday was easy. Friday night proved to not be as smooth. With bands that I had hoped to catch at four different venues--some with matching set-times--it was going to be a war of priorities.

Mainly, I felt pulled between the bills at RGRS and Dan's Silverleaf. Actually, I originally planned to start the night with Starhead at J & J's at 8:30, then head on over a bit early to RGRS for Possessed by Paul James at 10:30. 

But when I rolled up to the square around 8, it was apparent that available parking was a bit scarcer than it was on Thursday night. Looking to make the night as free-flowing as possible and knowing that further tough decisions lay ahead, I gave up and headed on over to RGRS to wave the white flag at the night's remaining scheduling conflicts. I had decided to skip the Denton Vanguard line-up of R2B2 RTB2, Doug Burr, Robert Gomez and Centro-matic in order to secure a decent spot for the Possessed by Paul James and The Theater Fire gig at Rubber Gloves.

When the clock struck 8:30 pm, though, no more than five people were waiting in the main stage area for a band to begin at RGRS--and there was no band in sight.

Deciding this was a waste of prime "conferette time", I rolled the dice and head over to Dan's for the pre-PPJ sets. Thankfully, I scoped a parking spot behind Dan's easily, got inside just as easily, and caught R2B2's electric set, as well as the always stellar and stoic Doug Burr.

Sensing that the universe was working in my favor at that juncture, I returned to RGRS to triumphantly join a decent number of people ready to enjoy Possessed by Paul James, which I proceeded to do as well.

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