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Zorch and B L A C K I E at Good Records, 8/1/13: Review

B L A C K I E | Zorch Good Records August 1, 2013

"Giant surprise/we are lizards disguised/and we're controlling your lives/with trilateral spies."

It would almost come as no surprise if Zorch were indeed our alien overlords, as they catchily reveal at the end of new track "Zut Alors!" This several-minute (it's not really possible to time a Zorch song, for some reason) blitz of electronic arpeggios, bloops, and broken time signatures is the perfect vehicle for revealing Zorch's otherworldly nature, because it's so very Zorch. It's not an experimental song so much as a normal song by an experimental band. However, I've seen them a couple of times now, and I'm not convinced it's experimental so much as ridiculous ideas played perfectly with serious chops. If they are indeed human, it would be as much of a surprise as if they were the lizard overlords so feared by tinfoil wearing bearded men everywhere. Their music is so far away from the norm as to be veering into keyboard and drum insanity, somewhere between thrashing off-kilter rock music and experimental dance.

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Gavin Cleaver
Contact: Gavin Cleaver