2011 NBA FINALS GAME 5: Feels Like Game 7 Don't it LeGone James?

2011 NBA FINALS GAME 5: Feels Like Game 7 Don't it LeGone James?

In four NBA Finals' fourth quarters, LeBron James has three baskets. He's been outscored in the final quarters of this series by Dirk Nowitzki, 44-9.

In Game 4 he not only scored a playoff career-low 8 points -- first time in 433 games he's been held below 10 -- he let Jason Terry blow by him off the dribble three times during the Mavericks' rally from nine points down to an improbable victory that tied the series 2-2 and set the stage for tonight's dramatic Game 5.

While Dwyane Wade is re-establishing himself as an elite superstar and the unopposed leader of the Heat, LeGone James has yet to score a point in the final five minutes of a game in which the margin has been five points or less.

And now old nemesis DeShawn Stevenson is calling him out, saying James "checked out" of Game 4.

The self-proclaimed King has been humbled, if not humiliated.

Said James yesterday, "It's that time that I get myself going."

His Tweet this morning at 1:27 a.m.: Now or Never!!

Take cover? Or take comfort?

While LeBron will likely play his best, most aggressive game of the season, Nowitzki has a history of being pretty dang well in Game 5s himself:

In the Dirk Era (2000-Present) the Mavs are 8-9 in Game 5s. Dirk has played in all but one of those -- he missed the San Antonio West Finals in '03 with a sprained knee -- and has averaged 29 points and 11 rebounds.

In Game 5s at AAC Dirk is 4-1, including his 50-point, 12-rebound game against the Suns in the '06 West Finals.


Year  Opponent  Points-Rebounds   Result


vs. Spurs       15- 9   W



at Spurs        31-9     W

at Nuggets    32-10    L



at Hornets     22-13   L



at Warriors    30-12   W



at Spurs:       31-10   L

vs. Suns:       50-12   W

at Heat:         20-8    L



vs. Rockets    23-13   W

at Suns         34-10    L



at Kings         31-14   L



vs. Blazers    35-11   L

vs. Kings      16-15   W

vs. Spurs      DNP-Knee  W



at Kings        32-12  L



at Jazz          18-4    W

at Spurs        42-18  L 


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