A Degree in Creationism? Could Happen.

The Texas Freedom Network sends word that, at this very moment, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Committee on Academic Excellence and Research in Austin is discussing and considering a request from the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas for a certificate of authority to grant degrees in Texas. And from the looks of the committee's agenda, it's close to being a sure thing: A Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board committee has already recommended approving ICR's request.

The ICR moved its Henry M. Morris Center for Christian Leadership to Dallas in September 2006 -- specifically, to 1806 Royal Lane at Luna Road. That's where folks are taught, among other things, "the rationale for the creationist interpretation of scientific data related to origins and Earth history." Its headquarters have been in Dallas since June.

The TFN's been all over the controversy at the Texas Education Agency concerning the ouster of science curriculum director Chris Comer. And executive director and president Kathy Miller tells Unfair Park today that ICR's request, if granted, is just further proof that Texas is ... devolving.

"The impression has been created that sound science education could be sacrificed to political ideology," she says. "We think our kids deserve better than that. Texas has prided itself on a growing medical research community and a growing high-tech community, and we don't want to see that undermined by drawing national attention to a political agenda that isn't supported by most Texans. Our concern is that given everything happening recently at the Texas Education Agency, events like this create the impression that Texas is hostile to sound science."

As for the implications of the state allowing degrees in creationism, Miller says she's not sure "what it means," only that it "won't look good." --Robert Wilonsky

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