A DeSoto Teacher and Alleged Role Model Is Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Boys

Pamela Jones is a teacher at DeSoto's alternative high school. She's 35. She has a husband and four kids. She works for Athletes for Change, whose mission to "provide exceptional role models" to young people. If authorities are right, she has an odd sense of what makes a great role model.

On April 26, Jones went to the apartment of an aunt of one of her 16-year-old male students. According to statements provided to police, she put her hand on his leg multiple times, but the student continued to push it off, feeling that the situation was weird. Eventually, the two had sex in the car. "I thought we were just gonna be chillin'," the student later told police. "I didn't know it was gonna go down."

At the end of May, Jones invited another 16-year-old student to her houseand Jones left her four children in the care of the student's friend. Then, Jones and the student left the room and had sex, police say.

According to police, a coach at DeSoto High School notified the Child Abuse Unit after becoming aware of the situation. Fox 4 reported Thursday that Jones' husband found out and alerted the president of Athletes for Change, who then turned her in. The president told Fox 4: "Once any abuse or neglect we're notified of, we have not only a moral, but a legal obligation to make that call and we did."

Jones was arrested on Wednesday for sexual assault of a child, a second-degree felony. On Thursday, according to Fox 4, a third student told Athletes for Change administrators that Jones had also had sex with him.

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