A Hotel Demolition and a Tailgate on Sunday -- Now, This Is Dallas

Patrick Michels

Up in smoke.

Remember that hotel on Central Expressway, up around Meadow Road? The one with a big red "Dallas Demolition" banner hung across the top? Well, now it's gone.

Six floors stacked like pancakes in a heap of rubble are about all that remain of the once-proud Meadow Inn, the old Holiday Inn that's been sitting vacant since last December.

The hotel fell in spectacular fashion at 8 a.m. this morning (that's the loud boom you heard), unleashing a massive dust cloud that blew directly into spectators gathered on the opposite side of Cental. On the roof of a nearby parking garage, demolition enthusiasts arrived at 6 a.m. to score prime spots for their lawn chairs, coolers and other tailgating gear.

After the jump, video of the demolition and links to more photos.

Once the lot is cleared, construction will begin on -- what else? -- a mixed-use luxury condominiums development, slated for completion in late 2009.

Photos of the crowd and the implosion are up in our slide show here. -- Patrick Michels

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Patrick Michels
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