A Note from Our Managing Editor Regarding the Use of "Metroplex" and Other Terms of Regional Endearment

Occasionally our long-time managing editor, Patrick Williams, sends emails to the staff lauding their prose, gently encouraging them, and otherwise helping them along in their journeys as reporters, writers and, well, people. Today was one of those days.

I share this with you because you, as readers and commenters, deserve to join us in bathing in his love and support.

The email, in its entirety:

So I've pretty much given up on metroplex or Metroplex or whatever made-up word you wanna use. You put it in. I take it out. Fine.

But if you all have anything approaching a sense of decency, please never, ever type the fucking words "our fair city" ever again. I see it about once a week, and until we start wearing straw boaters and spats and carrying parasols again, STOP. Please.

Patrick is one of the best editors in the Metroplex, and has been toiling in this fair city for a long time, so it's in your best interest to listen to him.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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